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Re: Holes in the ground
The licenses are complicated to choose, you have to be sure what you want (and you have to be sure what you need...). So, there are 3 possibilities:
1. to only navigate the inland waterways (with this license you are not allowed to navigate costal waters or offshore)
2. to only navigate the seas around the world (with this license you are not allowed to navigate inland waterways)
3. to gain both of this licenses to navigate where you want

Of corse, there are other possibilities between, but to gain them there are some other problems (one of them is to speak dutch...).

The european waterways are about 47'000km long, that is more than enough to navigate on. This is a point for #1.
Sweden has one of the most beautiful canals on this world and the archipelagos and the mälaren up there are impressive landscapes. So this is a point for #3.
The possibility #2 is no option for me, because all of my boats are primary designed to navigate inland waterways and they are not realy comfortable to navigate on rough seas.

FYI, in my country and specially in my 'state' : HAUTS de France, we began to build a new waterway between Paris and Brussels.

the official website : Here

Which another country builds waterways today ?

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