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Posted by xristina_volioti at Jan 28, 2009, 11:33:00 AM
Re: question-software requirements
Well, firstly thank you for your reply!!
My question is that I dont know if there are any hardware interfaces..I mean the description of the logical and the physical characteristics of each interface between the software and the hardware, to include communication protocols or supported devise types..
The second one is if there are any safety requirements..those that are create damage or loss and if there are any safequards or actions that must be taken..
Also if there are any security or privacy issues that protect the product or if there are any user authentication requirements.

Concerning my document, I havent finished it yet (of course..!) and it is written in my Greek. Do you want to translate it in order to send it to you?
Also if any of my questions isn't understandable..please ask me!

Thank you!