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Posted by Ceciliabr at Aug 30, 2018 8:39:31 PM
Re: Light & textures - rendering examples of this and that.
But, for the ground? How did you create it? Is it the part of the sky image below the horizon or is it another image that you used?
The ground is textured with an image that I have created with Photoshop – an image that you can access and use, as it's used in the project file.
The ground texture is a low-res compromise between resolution and weight. This grassy ground weighs 1.2 Mb. If I could choose freely, I would choose to use a file that weighs like 200Mb, or even more. But Sh3D can't handle files of that size. It just goes white, even with 64Gb of memory assigned in the plist-file .

the ground plane will always be tiled if it's textured – the tiling effect is mathematically unavoidable. But if you make your grassy ground texture into a 20000x20000 cm tile ( like in the project file), then the ground will no longer appear as a matted green bathroom floor – unless you really zoom out and watch it from a 1000 meters altitude.

Please download the project file.
If you still have the same question after examining it, I shall have to make an effort to explain myself in an even simpler manner.