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Posted by Xiste at Sep 2, 2018, 3:20:56 PM
Re: CITY LIVING – a dream project.
How do I start this comment?
I’m amazed, to put it mildly!

I had to look twice at the fireplace picture. It looks so real that I first thought it was a photography.
Your city looks quite big. You say it’s just 60 MB? How is that possible?
How big is the total project?
I can see there is a difference between the textured and the 3D modelled stonewall. But it seems you are using the same texture?
I’m guessing your model is based on the same image. Could you explain how you went about making it?

I could probably ask enough questions about this project to fill an entire page, but will just ask two more:
How was your advanced render settings for the interior images, and how long did it take to render them?

What more can I say?
A mega-cool presentation of a unique project!