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Posted by Ceciliabr at Sep 4, 2018, 9:38:29 AM
Re: CITY LIVING – a dream project.

Thank you.

Your city looks quite big. You say it’s just 60 MB? How is that possible?
The city is mostly made of boxes with a small .png texture ( explained in this thread ) When textures ( not models) are re-used, it doesn't add to the file-size.

The project file is 902Mb ( now, but it will increase as I finish the top floor)

About the 3D floor: I’m planning to write something more about 3D model creation and texturing in another thread.

ow was your advanced render settings for the interior images, and how long did it take to render them?
I really don't remember. I normally use the Q4 "default" setting for my renderings, but sometimes I substitute Blackman-Harris with Lanczoz.

These images are not very complicated and do not take long to render. Maybe an average of 20 minutes.
Rendering time has decreased a lot with Enko’s new light panels.

Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the delayed answer.