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Posted by okh at Sep 4, 2018 1:41:50 PM
Re: Light & textures - rendering examples of this and that.
Thanks for the tutorial, Cec. Brilliant as usual. I suspect quite a few of us have struggled with getting a (mountainous) horizon right.
  • Just to emphasise the point you also made in the cheating thread 7182, using a template for the sky is a good idea to deal with the projection Puybaret explained in thread,5533#24187.
  • There are some nice ways to find real 360° panoramas if you are willing to do a stitching job - and depending on the landscape.
    • Creative use of various street-view images.
    • Google Earth type services, such as Virtual globe (good detail for Scandinavia, less so elsewhere - use numeric input to grab the pictures from consistent hight and correct angles).
    • Or, if the plan situation has a reasonably clear view of the horizon, climb up on the roof and take panorama images.
  • Point is, a template will make the stitching and projection editing significantly easier.
You may also have mentioned this, at least implicitly, but the sky texture starts and ends RIGHT in the SH3D view. I.e. if the SH3D compass points the default North, the panorama texture will begin at due East.

So far, so good - 4:1 (360×90) grid, vertical degrees compress towards zenith to adjust the panorama gives a general feel for the location with approximate views from around the house. Forgetting picture perfect for a second and thinking vertical accuracy: what is the best scale? Sure, I know there is a difference between 3D view and hq rendering (feature request 668). And as long as I can get a general idea what I will see from my favourite chair, I can live with inaccuracy (gave up on an accurate starry night sky smile ). But I have this unpleasant feeling that I am missing something with my 360×90 grid.

The image below is late October midday sun at 60° North(should be some 18° above horizon - placed on in image as illustration). But in addition to the 3D view showing more sky than the rendering, I cannot really make up my mind whether it looks (approximately) right.

Btw. and just for reference for anyone coming across this thread, there are some good tips in the blog too:
Sunlight simulation - an all time favourite, useful for practical planning.
How to add a scenery....


PS. As Xiste pointed out, yours is a perfectly good hjell. Only smell missing.
..stoccafisso and regarded a delicacy...
Tried stoccafisso again recently in Veneto, thinking that my taste might have matured. It had not. But my Italian friends were unperturbed by the distinct taste and smell. Most strange.