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Posted by AdeleAlli at Sep 7, 2018, 11:46:02 AM
Re: CITY LIVING – a dream project.

You need this plugin for rendering

And the light panels are HERE

Panel#3 is see-through and very useful.
By default it points horizontally, so if you want to have it point downwards you adjust the x-axis to 270 degrees (90) for upwards) and so on...

I will post some words and examples on using the light panels in the Light & texture thread in a little while.


Thank you Cec, I will try it! :)

Hi Cec, I downloaded the plugin and put it in the .eteks/sweethome3d/plugins folder in my linux system but the problem is that it does not render even a 600x400 px image, and I do not understand where is the problem...

Am I missing something?