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Posted by AdeleAlli at Sep 7, 2018, 5:15:57 PM
Re: Azure Home
Beautiful renderings!
You are creating very nice moods.

You could try scaling down the height of your sky images so you get the clouds closer to the horizon – and see what happens :)

Here the sun is behind the house so everything is in shadow, but the idea was exactly that, simulate the morning sun.
And to make the snapshot absolutely perfect, you should turn the compass a bit, so that the shadows of the sun matches the sky image.


Thank you for the suggestions Cec, I need to take confidence with the sh3d way of managing the background image.

For now, I tried to use the advanced rendering plugin (I was able to make it work). The image I posted some time ago was this one:

Using the plugin I realized this one:

I think the colors and shadows are better, and the overall quality of the rendering is better, it is not perfect because I do not play as required in order to find the best lights. I am only at the beginning with this plugin but I think there are great possibilities to realize great renderings. I will be happy if I could realize closed to reality renderings as those seen by you or other sh3d users that posted into Gallery.

This is another result: