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Posted by AdeleAlli at Sep 7, 2018, 10:33:15 PM
Re: Azure Home should turn the compass a bit...
@cec As an amateur navigator, I object! I have met women who wanted the Earth to move, but a compass is not the best way. You should adjust the date/time - and if it still does not fit, you need to shift the background image... smile

@AdeleAlli: Great renerings. Love the feel you created. Speaking of the compass, where is this?

(Just back from Sardinia...)

It is hard to find the exact and perfect position of everything in order to create realistic atmospheres, but I will try (maybe after September 14th, because I should study for an exam XD).

I love this software and I want to be able to create perfect or almost perfect renderings so usually I fail in studying and then I play with sh3d XD.

Thank you okh.
Somewhere in south Italy, maybe near Catanzaro (Calabria), I saw many villas that I appreciated and this is inspired by one of those.