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Posted by Ceciliabr at Sep 7, 2018 11:39:16 PM
Re: Azure Home
@cec As an amateur navigator, I object! I have met women who wanted the Earth to move, but a compass is not the best way. You should adjust the date/time - and if it still does not fit, you need to shift the background image... smile

Yes, we sometimes perform some shortcuts – and sometimes we leave our men wondering how we ever managed to beat them, since we have always expressed our admiration and worshipped their superior intellect.
The question is:
How can we ever succeed in moving anything when we are constantly met with men telling us we're doing it wrong? Sure, from men's point of view there are always better and more complicated scientific approaches to solving simple questions – simple questions like how to align shadows in a 3D-illustration.

By all means, take the long way home: Change the date and time – choose another time zone – chose another location – or shift the overall angle of your construction... But don't – I mean DON'T – don't you EVER touch the compass, because adjusting the compass is a violation of... eh... it's a violation ... of... well IT'S CHEATING! THAT'S what it is... CHEATING!

Listen to me: In the real world, young lady, you can't just MOVE THE COMPASS in order to have your shadows pointing in whatever direction you want them to! There are physical laws in this world – believe it or not!
You can't just DO things without considering the CONSEQUENCES! What would the world of 3D-creation come to if everyone could just move the compass to alter the directions of the shadows... ?

Do you get my drift?