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Posted by okh at Sep 8, 2018 8:32:23 AM
Re: Azure Home
Do you get my drift?
Not only do I get your drift, it was fondly anticipated. Your renderings are proof that any wise person would advice me not to advice you. But then, I am man, and you also knew I had to say what I said... smile A delight to have you back.
.. hard to find the exact and perfect position of everything in order to create realistic atmospheres...
True, but it will be easier with the release of SH3D6 where the 3D view matches the q3/q4 rendering (thread 8704). And even easier using Cec' brilliant guides and template (thread 8832). Main point is, as Cec says, the renderings and moods you create are great. Best of luck with your exam. my cocktail party...
smile if we can find our way...


PS. As I am only a man I have not grasped why Cec' template has 0° South. But to other confused men - not to worry - I will put together a simplified man-template where the world is not upside down (and to correct the mistake using sine for altitude projection, with SH3D 6 it makes no sense for the 3D view either). More about that in 8704 later.