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Posted by okh at Sep 9, 2018 4:29:33 PM
Re: Azure Home
So free your mind – and adjust your compass.
No, thank you very much. But there is a reason. My projects, which I do not post, because they are private, are also real. E.g. where I live which is oriented some 13.6 degrees off North. Cheating is not an option if I want to know when and how sun enters the living room.
..might not mean the same tomorrow, even if I'm unshakably confident today...
Very true. Acknowledging that today's truths may be tomorrow's falsehoods is key to the evolution of mankind.
..a hard exercise, but try this...
. Yes, I am aware of this blatant bug in SH3D. But in real life the sun still rises in the East and sets in the West.
Using a sundial with the sky template...
Absolutely. I reserve a level for a sundial too. But unless you tell me otherwise, I suspect that rendering does not take equation of time into consideration. Not that it matters much.

@AdeleAlli: you probably want to ignore us, my mistake, I should not have invaded your thread with nonsensical banter... Tune in your exams.


PS Actually, there is something interesting about this discussion. It seems to confirm recent studies (easier to read than papers by the 2014 Medicine Nobel Laureates). Short version is that "..women use an egocentric spatial frame of reference.". So there! smile