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Posted by YGYL at Sep 21, 2018, 8:09:56 PM
rose   Re: NegativeAllow the elevation of the object to be negative!
Sorry but I think that beginners will be more confused if negative elevations are allowed!

Please trust me, I have contacted a very large number of beginners.
It is difficult for beginners to place an object on this floor to be placed on the lower floor. It is cumbersome to operate and error-prone.
If you are afraid of beginners misuse, you can press the ALT key to make a negative number. Or add a switch option.

Sweet Home 3D must be better used, not afraid of users not understanding.
In the past two years, there are many new website platforms, which are simpler to operate, more effective, faster, and ultra-low fees.Most beginners have already gone to those new platforms.The rest of the people who use Sweet Home 3D have certain requirements for the degree of freedom.
No longer a complete beginner.

All my advice is to make Sweet Home 3D truly more valuable.