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Posted by harbinger at Sep 22, 2018, 4:52:29 PM
Re: NegativeAllow the elevation of the object to be negative!
I agree that using negative numbers gives more functionality to more people than confusion to new users. I could definitely use this attribute. Alternatively, when importing furniture, we can adjust the default elevation.

But this goes to a more salient issue that all devs have to confront as they develop their application. When they add features, they risk making it difficult for new users to pick it up. They have to walk along a fine line between making their application easy to use and giving it capabilities to make the program more appealing to a broader audience.
It's the main reason why i have shied away from 3D modeling. I would gladly use Blender but it does a lot of things i have no use for — animations and timelines, camera and light attributes, terrain creation, to name a few.
But i've noticed a trend in their interface (and other apps') that help reduce the learning curve. And i think the same principle could be applied to SH3D:

And that is the idea of Beginner vs Advanced features. If the program is properly separated and displayed, new users can jump right in to creating their own floor plans and designs, and then as they become adept at the program, they can call up more advanced features.
I think we should brainstorm ideas on how this can be accomplished. cool As a programmer myself, i don't want to NOT add features to my program for fear of scaring off new users; it would be better to add it and address the issue of the learning curve with some other addition...