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Posted by AeowynFraser at Oct 30, 2018 7:30:50 AM
Re: Tudor Castle version 2
Surprise! I couldn't leave well enough alone on a house that I'd "finished", and spent the last week or so making some changes, and with all of the changes the file is now 48.5 MG compress. Because of being able to get it so small a file, I was able to furnish it and still get best rendered pictures.

Aerial front and back. I took out most of the fencing and replaced it with stuccoed walls; in doing so I ended up putting fence posts around the gates. I took out most of the hedges and made the ones remaining longer to fill in the space. I took out the aspen trees in the back, and took away half of the hanging plants around the patio. I changed out all the non-opening windows with ones that do open but I kept them at about the same size as I'd had the non-opening ones. I changed all three of the exterior doors. And I have a car parked in the driveway. The rest of the outside is the same.

Garage. I took out the workbench and stools as well as one of the storage units (enlarging the one that was left), so that I could add another window in the back (for better symmetry with the floor above, outside).

Living room; first picture taken near the front door, and the second near the back door/stairway. I've made all the doors and doorways 7'6" high (on all floors), and widened the doorways around the dining room. I also changed the ceiling fan. Oh, and I also changed the wallpaint/wallpaper (in just about all the rooms, not just the front room).

Dining room. I changed the lighting.

Kitchen; first picture taken near the hallway to the guest rooms, and the second near the back door. I found the stone arch that I was wanting for around the stove, and realized that the drawers around it could no longer be used and they're now basically small decorative counters around the stove. In so doing, I had to also change the hood. I also was able to add a decorative backsplash behind the stove. Changed out the glass fronted cabinets (the one by the stove is now open shelves and the one on the other side of the sink is regular cabinets). Put a light over the sink area (it was coming out so dark). I also found a small kitchen island that works pretty well in here. Oh, and I believe I changed out the stone around the stove, the backsplash tile around the rest of the kitchen and the countertops.

Guest bedroom.

Guest bathroom. I changed the toilet (in all the bathrooms). I think I also changed the countertop texture on the vanity.

Now, up the stairs to the next floor. I didn't take any pictures of either stairway since there was no changes made.

The first bedroom at the top of the first stairs. I did move the door so that it now faces the stairway going down, so that I could add in the computer desk. I took the picture from the corner near the door.

The second bedroom, also taken from the corner near the door. It has all the same furnishings as the first bedroom.

The first bathroom. I changed the double vanity (it's the same one as I have in the second bathroom, below, just with different textures). Changed the tiles on the floor (it's the same tile that I have now in the Laundry room and the Master bathroom, below) and around the bathtub (also the same tile I have now in the Master bathroom).

I did change the floor tile in the laundry room, but with it being so small taking a picture of it would not show that, so I didn't.

Family room; the first picture taken near the doorway to the hallway, the second taken from near the door to the third bedroom. Matching ceiling fan from the living room.

The third bedroom, taken from the corner near the door to the family room. I added a window to the back wall (for symmetry with the garage windows below, as mentioned above). I have it decorated this time as if it is another Master suite.

The second bathroom, taken against the back wall looking towards the front of the house. I changed the double vanity and toilet (as mentioned above), and the textures used. Not visible in the picture is the window that I added to the back wall (for symmetry with the garage, also as mentioned above).

And finally up to the top floor.

The Sewing room/Loft area, taken from the corner near the door to the Master bedroom. I have (I think) all the same furniture in here as before, just with different textures. I changed out one of the hanging lights.

The Master bedroom, from two different angles. Added the ceiling fan, matching the ones from below.

The Master bathroom; the first picture taken from on top of the double vanity, and the second from the opposite wall. I swapped the cabinet with the toilet and took out the surround shower curtain for glass, hopefully to make the room seem more spacious. I also changed out the double vanity, and added lighting above each sink.