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Posted by ndorigatti at Nov 2, 2018, 10:49:17 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
What i mean is that according to your explanation at first page:

- The parts of an opening able to turn around the hinge numbered x should be prefixed by sweethome3d_opening_on_hinge_ followed by the same number x. For example, sweethome3d_opening_on_hinge_1_door and sweethome3d_opening_on_hinge_1_handle will rotate around the axis defined by sweethome3d_hinge_1, or defined by sweethome3d_hinge_1_top and sweethome3d_hinge_1_bottom. If you want to define transparent panes directly without a transparent material, you can also use the prefix sweethome3d_window_pane_on_hinge_ followed by the hinge number. The axis direction of the hinge x is guessed from the largest dimension of the global bounding box of the hinge parts. Thus, if the largest dimension of a hinge is its height, the axis will be vertical, if its largest dimension is its depth the axis will be horizontal in Y direction and if its largest dimension is its width the axis will be also horizontal but in X direction. Axes can only be parallel to X, Y or Z axes at the moment, but this looks largely enough. The axis may be defined with some dummy parts that are not visible (like in the kitchen cabinet).

There is one name missing here, I'd add sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_hinge_
and similarly for rails. This would allow to have openable mirror door (I have one at home!) and also turnable mirrors like: