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Posted by AeowynFraser at Nov 2, 2018, 7:55:44 PM
Re: Home inspired by my "Tiny home"
I've "finished" this house, all furnished, with it coming in at a whopping 32.4 MB compressed. biggrin I have the time set at 10:12 am PST (yes, strange time to have it set at, but that's the time set on the clock that's in the program - although I don't have one in this house; I just like having a strange time).

Front, aerial view.

Front, from the sidewalk.

Garage side, aerial view.

Garage side, from the sidewalk.

Just like with my "Tudor Castle Rethink" that I posted a few days ago, I've cut back on the number of hedges and elongated the remaining ones to help save file space. I've got the roofing on, the walls stuccoed and the windows and doors painted/finished.

Just an FYI - when I took the Virtual Visitor pictures above I hadn't realized that I'd left the "Add ceiling lights" on, so there's more lighting seen from the outside than what's really inside in those pictures.

Living room; the first picture taken from the corner near the front door, the second near the dining room entrance. I don't know why the couch rendered so strangely.

Dining room. I don't know why the lighting is so low, even after turning up the hanging light's brightness. I even tried putting a light source outside, changing the time of day so that the sun comes in, but still dark, so I just left it as is.

Half bath near the stairway. Not much to see in here.

Kitchen and pantry. The cabinets are all in the same pale green as the walls, except for the fronts which are in a shiny black. I just realized that I haven't included a backsplash; I guess that I haven't quite "finished" this house after all. laughing

Laundry/Utilities room, taken from the side door. Built in storage closet near the washer/dryer, and a locker bench to the right of the side door.

Stairway; the first picture taken from the bottom looking up, and the second taken from the top looking down. Neither of the pictures have the hanging light visible; it's just like the one in the dining room just larger. Also, for some reason both pictures rendered strangely, with some sort of boxed in area; these are the only ones that I noticed this in.

Full bath upstairs. The toilet is just out of frame bottom right.

Small bedroom. Wardrobe with drawers next to the desk, bookshelf in front of twin bed.

Small office. Surprise, surprise; I have this room decorated as a sewing room.

Master bedroom.

Master bathroom. The cabinets are supposed to be a dark green, almost black, but they came out brighter than intended.

Garage. I realized when I went to render this picture that I'd forgotten to put lighting inside, so that's why the aerial exterior picture is so dark inside the garage.

Back patio. I realized when I went to render this picture that I'd forgotten to put in a light back here, after I'd taken all of the other outside pictures, which is why the lamp isn't visible in them.

The passageway between the back of the house and the garage, looking toward the back patio. I realized when I went to render this picture that I'd also forgotten to put lighting not only by the back door, but also in front of the garage.

If you want to look through this house, here's a link to the file:

Side note: If you're wondering why there's so much of the furniture and such are green, green is my favorite color. laughing