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Posted by okh at Nov 21, 2018, 9:16:43 AM
Re: CITY LIVING – a dream project.
This thread has provoked lots of thoughts about what a dream home really is, and made me revisit (mentally) all the different places I have called home over the years. In short key-words about what made me feel good in a home: function; uncluttered, clean, open spaces; a view of the horizon; access to the outside with some privacy (be it a balcony or a garden). What means little to me is the overall size of the home. In fact, some of my favourite places have been quite small, but they have had an open feel to them. My mother was just the opposite. She wanted a large home, but preferred many small rooms with lots of furniture. She did not like my absolute favourite, an urban, under-furnished, flat with a view in the heart of Europe. But she loved where I moved next, to a modern, English building with too many small rooms. I never felt at home there.

While I am now safely placed in the suburbs and would not want to move back into the city, there are so ever so many nice details in Cec' concept (as usual). Details that make me think: yes, exactly, that is what I loved so much. So thanks for dreaming out loud.