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Posted by Jonnie63 at Mar 31, 2019, 1:36:40 PM
Re: Virtual visit in Ubuntu 18.04

I am running the same version of Ubuntu as you ( 18.04 LTS ).
I can confirm the behaviour you describe.
Perhaps another route may suit you.
I have a large flat screen TV with HDMI on both TV and laptop
I view the virtual visit on the TV and the plan view on my laptop ( after first separating the virtual view so that it appears in a new window )

So yes it does not seem to work with workspaces on the default monitor ( workspace UP or Down etc ).

But it works fine with a second monitor ( workspace Left or Right ).

I did find some idiosyncrasies.

SweetHome 3D gives an error report telling me update drivers if and only if I try to import new furniture whilst the virtual visit is
on the TV monitor - as long as I always move the virtual visit to the laptop top monitor before importing new furniture it works fine.

I suspect my laptop drivers are not quite set up correctly for second screen but the point is that it works at a practical level as
long as I do not mind moving all windows to the laptop workspace before I perform import furniture operations. Once in a while I forget
and Sweethome exits with an error message and I just have to restart - could be a pain if I did not save regularly but so far no real problem.

The other anomaly I encounter is that my system would only work reliably if I set the TV to be right of the laptop screen rather than
left of it - this is a setting that defines which boundary left or right you should slide a window for it to move into the other window.
I cannot remember the consequence whether SweetHome crashed or exited. In many ways you can solve this just by the way you position your
large screen - it just helps intuitively if a left screen slide ( from laptop to large screen ) corresponds with the large screen being
physically a little more to the left of your laptop screen - a bigger desk or desk reshuffle can solve the problem at a non software level.

If this sounds like a lot of hassle it isnt really - I am designing 3 buildings so many many hours involved and only say 1 hour messing
around to get to grips with the anomalies and devise a working style to get around it.

I would advise anyone with a really large TV screen and suitable HDMI connections to try 3d virtual visit on a really large screen,
it so much improves the whole experience and helps you feel as if you are there in person. I rate this as the single biggest improvement
in my working setup in terms of being able to get a feel for the environment I am designing - I could not rate it highly enough.