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Posted by digitaltrails at Apr 8, 2019, 5:08:58 AM
CameraBagPlugin v1.5 now allows more than 50 cameras
I've uploaded version 1.5 to sourceforge:
(and scroll to the bottom)

In version 1.5 I added error checking and reporting on unparsable times, numbers, and the wrong number of fields.

I also added the ability to have more than 50 cameras. SH3D normally limits the number of cameras to 50. If more than 50 cameras are imported, the importer will pop up a dialog and ask if the limit should be ignored. The other choice is that the importer enforces the limit and truncates the import. If you subsequently ask SH3D to store a location, it will truncate the list back to 50 and you will then have to reimport to restore any in excess of the limit.

I added the limit override because I need to do several timelapse sequences to analyse sunlight and shading over autumn, winter and spring. It's a bit easier if I don't have to break it down into 50 images at a time.