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Posted by Mike53 at Apr 8, 2019 12:32:45 PM
Re: Sash openings
OK... an update on progress and a little history of the learning curve for this process.

Initially i could not figure out how to modify any objects, kept reading about this furniture editor thing, downloaded it several times, but couldn't even open and had no idea what a .jar file was. Not sure where i read it in the forum, but a comment was made about it opening with java, so i associated it, voila, it opens.
So i sat there staring at it for a while, thinking, well nothings happening. Then i found this video on youtube, thank you Sean, for the first time ever i managed to create my own sh3f library file, imported into sh3d via Furniture>Import Furniture Library and there they were, available to add to a project, either dragged onto 2d screen or right click on an item and add. At this point i have to say i was pretty damn pleased with myself.
But, the idea of creating these doors and windows was to share them, that being the case i felt that they were incomplete, as the objects showed no sash openings when positioned on the plan, for me personally, this is not an issue, as i only use sh3d for fun, but for others they would be needed to be of any use.
Thats when it got messy. Most of what read on the subject came from this topic
Having located the library files i then had to edit them, following okh's and Hafsteinn's instructructions in the topic as mentioned earlier, i opened the sh3f file, but with a rar programme not a zip programme, that meant an additional rename, not long after i had a desktop full of copies but had achieved very little. went online and found a free piece of software called 7 zip, armed with this software i was able to open the .sh3f file, select the properties file and edit it, no copying, puurfick.
Puybaret and okh had given very precise instructions on what to modify and also what it should look like after editing, had a few minutes to spare so off i went.
I read in this topic the explanations by Puybaret and okh which i followed to the letter, well thought i had.
After copying the following instructions
I pasted them into one of the door descriptions and proceeded to edit the details that i needed for that item, a door, completely ignoring okh's comment about changing the number which corresponded to the individual item. Well after several attempts at importing it and have nothing happen, i had a rant n rave, walked away, as you do.
Calmed down, came back, started again, re-reading the comments i noticed what i was doing, changed them and was able to add one of my own doors to a project that showed the sash openings, jumped up, kind of, ran around in circles, kind of, then noticed the swing was in totally the wrong place, oh well, i was learning.
I will mention at this point i am having difficulty re-importing the furniture libraries and therefore find i have to close sweethome and reopen it to allow updates to take place.Both double clicking on and re-importing bring up an error message and my library disappears.maybe because i am editing from within the sh3f, dunno. Anyway.
Managed to reposition the swing, copy it to 3 other doors, couple of tweaks for different frame sizes and i was flying along. 4 doors all showing the door swing, but, all were sitting flush with the wall rather than extend beyond it 10 mm to sit flesh with the skirting board. Attempted maybe half a dozen corrections, re-imports etc i decided that Puybaret and okh had no idea what they were chatting about, the software was no good and that the magic black box i call a pc was broken, i had a rant and a ... etc.
Once i had calmed down i noticed a # missing from the line
doorOrWindowWallDistance#n=, i forgive you both smile .
6 near perfect doors achieved, on to the double sash patio door, copied the same lines to a new door copied Puybaret's example for a double sash tweaked for frame width and..... got a double door who's sash openings made it look like dumbo, tried several different configurations still no good, that bloody Puybaret has done me again.... then i noticed a tiny, really insignificant little minus sign, that i had missed Puybaret, you are forgiven.
Flying again
Copied it's details to the other 2 patio doors and patted myself on the back realising just after that one of them is a sliding door, oops.
Windows, applied the same procedure here, copied the lines from door example, tweaked them for the different size frame and window width, loaded one into a project, noticed it needed just a little more tweaking, corrected it, copied those details to the other medium window, didn't save it, moved on to the large widow, copied details from a patio door, tweaked for frame and window size, wonderful, still flying along, saved it and reopened sweethome, selected my library to find it contained just 1 door and 1 window.
That's where i am right now.
Puybaret will hopefully be able to retrieve and correct the library so that it can finally be shared.
I had come close to achieving this myself, but as long as they get shared i am happy ish.
Once shared i really hope a use for them is found.