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Posted by enkonyito at Apr 11, 2019, 5:10:33 AM
Re: Photo rendering test
I prefer the second one:
- it's made with standard settings
- it's slightly lighter, looks a bit better.

Great work, Enko! Thanks!
Thanks Hans!

I think Cecilia used interior light panels to simulate ambient lighting. The diffedBounces=0 parameter allows you to have more depth (from the lightest to the darkest).

So I did a quick test with this new beta version without using the interior panels or the external brightness.

- anti-aliasing min/max: 1/2
- global illumination: default
- caustics photons: 0
- shininess shader: glossy
- filter: blackman-harris
- sampler algorithm: bucket

diffusedBounces: 0

diffusedBounces: 1