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Posted by dorin at Apr 19, 2019 9:57:33 PM
Re: Rooms Surfaces plug-in
For your sake I've repair an Win10 (don't want to work after crash of an 3Tb HDD and I don't boot on it for couple of months);
-I've download and install the installer version of SH3D for win;
-I've chose 32 bit when prompted;
-make a test to see if run; Run!;
-download the plugin from this site;
-double click on it and was automatically installed;
-run SH3D; verify in about; plugin are there.
-open same of the demo files provided by SH3D;
-menu Tools->Total room's surface;
==>the table show up with all expected data on it;
-I've made a test for Export to CSV and work also;
CONCLUSION: on my side are work correctly even under Windows.

Suggestion 1:
- rename the Sweet Home 3D folder to Sweet Home 3D-1 in
[USER]\ApplicationData\ to preserve actual configuration;
- restart SH3D and the program will recreate the necessary files and directory;
- reinstall the plug-in and test it with demo files;

Suggestion 2:
Verify the java version; I've made it for jre8 or high.
Please let me (us) know if You manage it to work.
You're experience could be useful for other users.

I'm flattered if You think I could understood something from a log file produced by Windows. Scarcely I decipher the Eclipse debug.
I've spend 2 weeks to fix an NullPointerException and another 2 weeks for an StackOverFlow learning and try 10~14 hour/day.
Well, I don't give up; I continue learning wile I've made only two steps.
A computer program does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do. Murphy's Law (Greer's Third Law)
When all else fails, read the instructions.Murphy's Law