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Posted by dorin at Apr 21, 2019, 8:28:31 AM
Re: Rooms Surfaces plug-in
Sorry if I boring You but I can't sleep.
I've compare what You have with mine:

1. I see an very huge plug-in Koping (8.5M). I try to find it on google without success.
2. In second image I share my plug-ins folder and the way I use when I test something.
I create an folder under plugins (mine are "Rezeva" which mean "backup" ) where I put the files I don't use everyday and I don't want to delete.
Usually I drag-and-drop from an location to another.
SH3D will see and load only those from plugins nothing else.
If You can, please send me the link of Koping.sh3p and the source cod if it's free.
Happy Easter!
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