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Posted by hansmex at Apr 22, 2019, 9:23:21 AM
Re: How can I edit a Collade File?
You can try to make the 2D model invisible. (Furniture - Modify Furniture - Materials - Modify)

If that's not possible, it may get difficult.

Normally you would do the following:
- install free version of Sketchup
- open SKP model
- delete or modify unwanted parts
- export model as DAE
- import in SH3D

Unfortunately the greedy people at Trimble have decided that the free installable version is no longer available. There is now a free online version, but it doesn't allow exporting your model in DAE. You have to pay to use that feature.

You can try to find the 2015 version of the program, which is (was?) available and can be installed. However... to make life difficult Trimble has deleted almost all "old" versions of the models, so now for most models you will only find 2017 and 2018 versions of the SKP models. These versions cannot be used in the free 2015 version of Sketchup.

All this makes that the Sketchup 'universe' that many of us have used for many years has become almost un-usable.


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