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Posted by Ceciliabr at Apr 22, 2019, 10:26:57 PM
Re: Photo rendering test
Easter is finally over.
My sunburns ( from uncritical sunbathing in the Norwegian mountains) appears to be healing, and my crushed pride ( from ending up last in the ski-jump competition) is rapidly becoming a distant and soon forgotten memory... i think.
Back in sunny Copenhagen, where the crocus is ready to flourish, I have finally found the time to seriously explore the sweethome3d forum.

I think Cecilia used interior light panels to simulate ambient lighting
Yes, I did ( and shame on me?)

Yes, I could have used your ambient light option, had it been available at the time. It wasn't.
But quite frankly: I probably wouldn't have used it, even if it had been available.
Most of my projects are not really suited for automatic ambient lighting, and I have already formed a habit of creating my own ambiences, prior to the introduction of this automatic ambience-creator.
That being said, I think the ambient light option is a great enhancement to SH3D, and I really hope people prefer using your ambient light option to the default "Add Ceiling Light"-option ( which in my opinion has done more harm than good to any rendering I have seen using it).

Am I simulating ambient light.... ?
What do you think?
What came first; my simulation, or the "real" ambient light?
With the introduction of the new light panels, producing a variety of "simulations" of ambient light were automatically kickstarted. All the options were really there from the beginning, once the panel lights were installed. "Simulated ambient lighting" were there for anyone with an interest in lighting. I can only assume anyone with a hard-core interest in rendering, instantly fell in love with these new options, and I know for a fact that I was far from the first user to experiment with this and present it at the forum.

To me, these panel lights represented a turning point – or rather; it represents THE turning point – as the greatest thing that have so far happened in my short history with SH3D..
In my opinion, the automatic "ambient light" - option is a good spin-off, but it's just that. It has lots of limitations – limitations that are not there when you "simulate" it.

Why, you might ask, are most of my projects not suited for automatic ambient lighting?
Mainly because I prefer to work with dual ceilings, and the automatic light ambience is locked ( as far as I have experienced) to the physical room created by SH3D.
For anyone using custom ceilings, the automatic ambient lighting is really not a relevant option:

Ambient lighting:

Simulated ambient lighting:

Well, anyway:
The most fundamental aspect of it is: Isn't the ambient light-option basically just an automatic simulation, whereas my manual "simulation" is a more controllable option?

I'm just asking...