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Posted by Ceciliabr at Apr 23, 2019, 9:15:01 PM
Re: Photo rendering test
No, quite the contrary. I quoted you to explain the difference in rendering and because you use the light panels in your interiors.

I was just trying to be funny :)

Yes, I have used the light panels a lot on the interiors. I often do that.
I know that some people are very fond of natural light, but I'm really more into using light sources as a creative tool. I literally grew up on a film set, where getting the light right was the top one priority. I often find myself thinking it's a photo-shoot when I'm lighting my scenes.
Natural light is all around us every day, whereas artificial lights can create some really special moods and play tricks on our perception of reality.

I remember my first attempt to use the new panel lights:

For me, being able to set lights like this, was magic.
With the panel lights I can recreate some magic moments and use everything I learned about lighting from "growing up" at film sets and photo shoots.