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Posted by Puybaret at Oct 24, 2009, 11:24:39 AM
How do you use Sweet Home 3D Online?
Sweet Home 3D Online is available for a few weeks now.
I recently added support for more languages in that version and found a way under Windows to avoid displaying the security dialog twice at launch.
If many people visit Sweet Home 3D Online (around 1500 per day), only a few registered users use it to save a home (around 20 per day).
It's not a problem for me (at least, server isn't overloaded), but I wonder why you use or not Sweet Home 3D Online.

Here are some questions I ask myself:
Do you prefer to use the Online version or the downloadable versions? For what reasons?
Did you visit the Online version mostly to discover Sweet Home 3D features?
Under Windows, does the update of Java automatically launched on your computer by the Online version prevented you from using it?
Is the security dialog displayed at launch by the Online version prevented you from using it?
Which features do you miss the most in the Online version of Sweet Home 3D?

Thank you for your help smile
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer