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Posted by dorin at May 20, 2019, 6:20:41 PM
Re: Directory location of library?
1. This program came with their default feature which are in their installation path; could be modified but is not so simple.
2. About dialog will show ONLY the imported plugins, furniture library and/or texture.

If You see SOME texture and plugins in About dialog but no furniture library that's mean You've not import them; there is a lot on this site or on SourceForge.

Of course it is but need some patience and work.
I've spend 10 years with this great program and I don't discover (yet) all the features already provided by master Emmanuel and the community.
This forum is a real treasure for those who want to learn and use this program.

Anyway, keep asking. Someday You will be the one who offer answers to other new users.
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