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Posted by ndorigatti at Aug 30, 2019, 8:14:35 AM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in

About images posted by UbuntuBirdy and ndorigatti, I'm happy you succeeded to run the plug-in but comparing your results with the ones generated with enkonyito plug-in isn't really fair, since I just tried to adjust YafaRay settings to reproduce images generated by the default Photo creation tool of Sweet Home 3D! But surely, even on that side, there must be some remaining bugs.

Please let me remark that mine was not a complain or criticism, I know how much work has been done to just make YafaRay render, so I really respect the work!
I was just showing a comparation of the lights, because I think YafaRay does something way better than sunflow (PVR or not, in general), but that (probably) with some effort like the one enkonyito put on to sunflow yafaray can perform at top levels!

It takes time, effort, test and feedback to reach that level but I think it can be reached! Although it's released and works, it is stil a beta so bugs and issues are normal, and we are here to help!
I'll try changing my scenes and using different lightning to check if I can have perfect renderings!

In the meantime, congratulations for the reached goal, and thank you!