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Posted by Puybaret at Aug 30, 2019, 6:18:53 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
@UbuntuBirdy and ndorigatti, thanks for your encouraging comments. My previous comment was also written to avoid confusion for users not aware of PVR plug-in. So no problem. There’s a little ambient occlusion in virtual visit mode when a texture is used for the sky, like with SunFlow rendering in default creation tool. Otherwise everything in the sun shade would be too dark.
My first goal is to try to reproduce current SunFlow renderings with YafaRay (possibly without the defects ;-), then we’ll see how the settings of both rendering engines should evolve after all these years.

@Cec, YafaRay engine is slower than SunFlow during preparation process because it requires to copy texture images in separate files whereas I had modified SunFlow to make it able to load images directly from ZIP files (like SH3D, SH3T or SH3F files) without copying them in temporary files. Therefore, the more textures you have and the larger images you use, the more time it will take to copy them during the preparation. You should rather see a speed gain when you render larger images.
By the way, thanks for the video, but unfortunately running both rendering engines at the same time can’t be used to compare their performances because they try to use all the available cores / threads of the computer, and it’s not possible to give them the an equal slice of CPU power.

@Hans, thanks again for your tests. I hope I’ll be able to find soon a solution at least under Windows.

@GnU, the two lowest quality levels work exactly as in the default photo creation tool, i.e. they use OpenGL and fortunately still work.
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