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Posted by enkonyito at Aug 30, 2019, 8:46:08 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
In the last few months, I have been working on implementing the maximum functionality of Sunflow in Sweet Home 3D before it is considered obsolete.
According to Yafaray's documentation, it seems this rendering engine has nothing to envy Sunflow. It will take some time to tame it but the first step would be to establish a basic configuration for general use equivalent to Sunflow.

To Windows users, could you check if the program fails even with an empty home or some available from the File > New from demo menu item? Thanks
Tests of version 1.0beta2.
- Quality 3 or 4:
After clicking Create, the waiting image spins a few seconds and then SH3D closes automatically for an empty file (not systematic).
The rendering runs correctly for demo files or saved projects like those in the gallery.

Yafaray quality 3 is faster than Sunflow while Yafaray quality 4 is a bit slower than Sunflow.