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Posted by hansmex at Aug 30, 2019, 9:15:49 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
Under Windows
After reading Enko's message, I tried two homes from the gallery. In both cases the program stops after a little thingy spins for a few seconds.

Under Ubuntu
I did some speed tests with example home #7 from the Gallery.
For all pictures: size 1200x900 pixels

YafaRay - Q3 - approx 2-3 minutes
YafaRay - Q4 - approx 13-14 minutes

SH3D Sunflow - Q3 - approx 4 minutes
SH3D Sunflow - Q4 - aborted after 35 minutes

SH3D Sunflow is the original implementation, not one of Enko's plug-ins.
For some reason I forgot to save the rendered images, so I cant offer quality comparisons.

Dual boot - AMD FX6300 6-core, 16GB ram
Windows 10 Pro, SH3D 6.2 with 8 GB memory allowance
Ubuntu 18.04, SH3D 6.2 with 2 GB memory allowance