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Posted by Ceciliabr at Aug 31, 2019, 11:17:40 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
I have done some more testing on YafaRay today.
On some projects it really outperforms Sunflow when it comes to render time, on other projects it's way behind.
It's a bit like going back to the stone-age with the non-resizable render window, especially since YafaRay treats light very differently from Sunflow, and I had to do a lot of quick Q3 renderings to get the light right. And, as Puybaret points out:
YafaRay engine is slower than SunFlow during preparation process because it requires to copy texture images in separate files whereas I had modified SunFlow to make it able to load images directly from ZIP files (like SH3D, SH3T or SH3F files) without copying them in temporary files.

That's one reason why YafaRay performs slower on most of my test projects.

running both rendering engines at the same time can’t be used to compare their performances

Well,I don't quite buy that argument, looking at the head start I was giving YafaRay.
Anyway, I have made a new video, en suite, with a stop watch and a CPU-monitor running:


Maybe this can be the reason why YafaRay is slower than Sunflow?

YafaRay is not using more than 32% of my CPU capacity, whereas Sunflow is using 98%.

Just out of curiosity: Why go for another CPU-renderer and not a CPU/GPU-renderer?