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Posted by whippetsleek at Oct 26, 2019, 3:27:25 AM
Re: Problem with transparency settings .obj file
I am quietly laughing up my sleeve at this thread. Oh my if I could tell you the hours and hours I spent trying to "fix" reflection and refraction issues with sketch up. And you nailed it on the head... Sketch up faces can orientate strangely when converted. Even if you try to have a single face in Sketch, it will assign a "hidden" face sometimes. Then when you import as an OBJ file, SH3d sees the under face as solid and you get a reflection. You sometimes can quickly fix a Sketch file simply by reversing a face and assigning your same values to it.

I think that is a part of the issue you were having, it was mine, and it does seem like it is the same. I hope this helps. :)