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Posted by AeowynFraser at Jan 24, 2020, 9:06:59 AM
Re: Small Family Home
Since last posting on this house, I had made more -- surprise, surprise -- modifications. The thing is, I'd forgotten about the changes while trying to repost all those pictures of my other houses.

As you can see, the one major change that I made to the house is in the backyard. I closed it in, added some lighting, and added a swimming pool. There were a few other changes outside the house as well as inside. I added an extra light on the side of the house that has a walkway (and moved a window to accommodate the new light), added a lit fire in the backyard fireplace, added some flowers and a flower bed in front of the craft shed, changed the entertainment center in the living room and rearranged that furniture as well as added a table and vase behind the couch, changed the bathtub and curtain out for a glass enclosed one as well as the floor tile in the bathroom...

I think those are all the changes... and now that I look at it, maybe I ought to add a fence and gate between the pool and patio? Maybe also a dog house?