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Posted by Ceciliabr at Jan 25, 2020, 9:47:22 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
Could you try with some files of the gallery (like the Alps hotel that you seem to like ;-), and report how rendering works with them?

For what it’s worth:

I have made some more tests with the YafaRay renderer, using an abused version of the Alps Hotel.
The abuse was necessary because I wanted to test how YafaRay responded to lighting. Since YafaRay is not yet ( at least not in the current version) able to handle Enko’s “Other Light Sources”, I had to see what could be done without using them – only using a multitude of the original light sources – like I used to do in the “old days”.

Result: The YafaRay renderer v1.6 beta works surprisingly well.

Here are some YafaRay renderings of the abused Alps Hotelreception and front desk:

The CPU-issues from the last version are gone.
YafaRay is now using all my 24 threads, as well as 92% of my CPU-capacity, and it’s performing quite fast – almost 50% faster than Sunflow.
It’s also producing some nice results – as long as have the patience to work with my light-settings.
And that’s where my ONLY complaint lies… for now:

Checking the lights are alfa and omega.
Enko has showed that programming a resizable render window is possible.
A resizable window will fit on any screen, no matter how stone-age the computer is.
So I ask: Is there a good reason for keeping the “official” render windows of SH3D so tiny?

Why is resizable so important?
As the YafaRay renderer is handling light sources somewhat different than the Sunflow renderer, it’s of no use to test my light-settings by using Enko’s resizable renderer.
So testing the YafaRay renderer becomes a somewhat time-consuming process:
First rendering the entire scene, then saving the test image. Then opening the test image in some graphics editor, and then trying to adjust the lights and do another test render… and then repeat the same process. I must admit that my motivation failed along the way, so my test renders are not what I would have liked them to be.
I know that YafaRay can produce better results – even great results, but I don’t think that will happen until we get more options – plus a resizable rendering window, so we can monitor the effect of our light-settings a lot faster than with the current version.

The bucket size of the YafaRay renderer, is it dynamic?
I'm wondering if that's the reason why it outperforms the Sunflow renderer.