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Posted by enkonyito at Feb 4, 2020, 2:32:05 AM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
About the light panel color, maybe you could apply a light_mat material on the mesh (see the end of exportAppearance method)?
My first tests were inconclusive because all the objects in the scene had the 'light_mat' material.
By applying it only to opaque light sources, I get this result.

You will notice that unlike SunFlow, the YafaRay rendering engine does not take into account the light power for the "glow" effect.

I just released the final version 1.0 of the YafaRay rendering plug-in.
For a first version, this plug-in keeps its promises!
In order to finalize the integration of YafaRay with the PhotoVideoRendering plug-in, I still have to bind this rendering engine to the photo panel at points of views and the video panel.