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Posted by enkonyito at Apr 26, 2020, 7:28:17 PM
Re: Photo rendering test
There is a link between anti-aliasing and sampling.

In SunFlow, the anti-aliasing values range from 0 to 5, which corresponds to sampling values from 1 to 1024.
In YafaRay, the sampling values corresponding to anti-aliasing are also a multiplication factor.

Examples of YafaRay renderings with their anti-aliasing samples mulitplied to those of the sun, ambient occlusion, path tracing, ibl or skylight.

AAminSamples 16, sunSamples 8, AOsamples 1, pathSamples 8

AAminSamples 16, iblSamples 16, pathSamples 2

AAminSamples 16, skylightSamples 32, pathSamples 2