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Posted by Ceciliabr at May 26, 2020, 10:16:47 PM
Illustrations - some napshots made with YafaRay.
Project 1:

The Old Flat

(An old colonel dies, and his granddaughter moves into his apartment. During the following weeks she finds herself in the role of an explorer, as she is working her way trough the old colonels gatherings – his notebook, his collection of old letters and his collection of photographs – and she finds that there’s a lot about her grandfather that has been kept secret from her.
"The winner always shapes history. Terrorists become heroes, as the opponents heroes become criminals and terrorists. They say history is repeating itself. How can history be repeating itself if history a lie? They are called revisionists, those who seek the truth.” )

The livingroom.


Testing the daylight panel. This is the original png, rendered at 1280px. Never gor around to create a larger image.

A closer view.


An even closer view – testing the quality of my textures.




Another daylight panel test. Original png, rendered at 1280px.

An attempt to render a detailed view of the breakfast table.


"We are not witnessing anything anymore – we are not suffering anymore – we are not suffering like we used to, before... before we got rich and the towelheads came here to blow themselves and us to kingdom come, believing to be entertained by a bunch of succulent young beauties, in their afterlife. Who cares about a deconstructed view of a post war hero... who cares about the boring norms of realism, about the exploded view of a hundred and eight year old man-of-honour... believe me; we should consider ourselves lucky to go out with a blast... to finally escape!"

Her own challenges could not compete, but still...