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Posted by Ceciliabr at May 30, 2020, 2:12:29 PM
Re: Illustrations - some napshots made with YafaRay.
But "napshots"...? That's a new one :)
Just trying to be funny. I actually fell asleep in front of the computer while rendering some of these images.

It was really the cherries that took a long time. The breakfast table was among the images that were auto-rendered overnight, so I'm not exactly sure how long it took. But I like it a lot. I will do some more renderings of the kitchen, once I get the details in place.

Are these out-of-the-box renderings? No post production?
If I do any postproduction, apart from downsizing, I make sure to mention it. I think shots presented in the Gallery should be out-of-the-box, as you put it, in order to reflect a true presentation of SH3D's capabilities.

Thanks for your comment.