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Posted by Ceciliabr at May 30, 2020, 3:43:57 PM
Re: Illustrations - some napshots made with YafaRay.
Hi Nauthiz.
An intriguing user name, indeed. Most certainly not chosen by coincidence wink

Do I write stories? Yes, I do. All the time. Mostly I write them for my girls – a sort of complementary education, adding some usefull info about history, ethichs and relations, something that they won't get in school.
For many years I dreamed of becoming a writer, and I have stopped counting how many writing classes I have taken. I write in Norwegian, since I'm half Norwegian, half Danish, and have lived in Norway most of my life. Although I moved to Copenhagen six years ago, my writing language is still Norwegian. So, unless you are reading Norwegian, I guess it's no use directing you to my old blog. Google translate is far from able to convey the subtleties of the Norwegian language.

And another question about the human models - are they ready made as it is, or do you pose them in another software and import into SH3D?

I make and rig my human models with Poser Pro and import them to SH3D. The way I do this is f.i. if I need a model to sit down, I export an obj file of what they shall sit on from SH3D and import it in Poser. Then I create and rig the person in Poser. You can modify and translate bodies and faces, and even make a person speak.

Here is a screenshot from Poser, showing the girl that is reflected in the mirror. The bed was imported from SH3D. The girl and the blanket was added with Poser, and exported as an obj file.

Thanks for your nice words, Nauthiz. Really appreciated.