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Posted by Nauthiz at May 30, 2020, 7:10:12 PM
Re: Illustrations - some napshots made with YafaRay.
An intriguing user name, indeed. Most certainly not chosen by coincidence wink

Well, as the story goes, more then twenty years ago I was setting my very first email account and I needed to think up a nickname really quick, and a nordic rune seemed to be a good choice. It's vaguely related to my real name (Anna). It just stuck and has served me well all these years. wink
So, unless you are reading Norwegian, I guess it's no use directing you to my old blog. Google translate is far from able to convey the subtleties of the Norwegian language.

Well, my current knowledge of Norwegian is limited to about fifty words and it all comes from being a black metal music fan, so I guess it wouldn't be very useful. smile But then a few years ago I suprised myself by learning Russian (going from a beginner level to speaking fluently in three years), so the hope is still there. I'm quite good with foreign languages and if I've ever had to choose another one to learn, Norwegian is among the top five. I really love the sound of it.

I must admit I'm tempted to give it a go with Google Translate, as it got a bit better recently, but I guess that even if I'd got the story, all your work as a writer would still be lost in translation. So maybe better not.

Ant thank you for all the explaining about Poser Pro and human models. That's exactly what I planned to try to do in Blender someday, although I was thinking more like posing the mannequin, exporting it to Blender and duplicating its pose with the rigged character...