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Posted by Xiste at Jul 30, 2020, 9:34:13 PM
Re: Important if you want to go back to an older version from v 6.4
I wonder if you didn't forget to update the max memory used in this new version.
No, I gave it 32 GB just like with v 6.3.

Most of my files are quite big, 1- 1.5 GB.
When opening a 1 GB project, I can see an increase in memory usage of about 12 GB, a figure that is increasing every time I add some objects or make a rendering.
When the the memory load reaches about 58 GB (on the 64 GB machines), the program is shutting down.

I'm constantly monitoring my memory load, and I have made a routine of saving and quitting when the memory load is approaching 55 GB. It normally takes about 5 hours to reach 55 GB memory usage with v 6.3.
With v 6.4, the 55 GB memory load can ( worst case) be reached within half an hour.

Most of my computers are 12 core/ 24 threads MacPro 1.5, running OSX 10,13,6 (17G14019)
They have 64 or 128 GB memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X 1228 MB.
They can not be upgraded above OSX 10.13.6.