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Posted by Puybaret at Apr 16, 2010, 9:37:30 PM
Re: Export OBJ without floor
I just released a new plug-in that allows to copy the selection as a new piece of furniture into clipboard.
This plug-in is available at

Quick user guide:
- Install plug-in,
- Select in the plan the walls, rooms and furniture you want to group as a new piece of furniture,
- Choose Tools > Copy as new furniture,
- Choose Edit > Paste to paste the new piece of furniture in the existing home or an other home.

I hope it will satisfy your needs. smile

This plug-in was updated to version 1.1 on December 30, 2010
This plug-in was updated to version 1.2 on February 4, 2015
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer