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Posted by macfrog at Nov 14, 2010, 8:02:17 PM
my wishes :-)
hi people,
i dunno if some or all of my wishes are already been mentioned, but here they are anyway:

1: there should be a disable/enable checkmark inside createphoto dialog.
same for advanced renderer, which i used most.
2: also use of ceiling lights should relate to any activated "show ceiling" settings in the plan, maybe with an own "show ceiling for entire plan" checkbox?
3: the sunlight being present during rendering should not shine through the invisible ceiling, so my rendering should look like light's coming only in via windows etc. this doesnt work in flyover view, so far i know?
4: it would be nice to add a feature to split a wall at a specific position, to make it possible to add a different colour/texture to different parts of a wall (long outer walls for instance).