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Posted by macfrog at Nov 14, 2010, 10:04:06 PM
Re: my wishes :-)
sorry for that poor post i've made to start this thread,

to answer your (justified) questions:

1: enable/disable FURNITURE, i don't know how this word is become lost in my post... when i get to know how to chg earlier msgs i'll correct that, i promise :)

2: exactly, but i would like to have ONE switch to enable/disable all at once! the plan is locked, i don't want to unlock/select/change etc..
i've got 15 rooms, even unlocking the plan only makes it possible to introduce a mistake like moving one floor or whatsoever.
3. no. that one doesn't work.
see screenshot below (german, as i am from germany)

as you can see, the sun shines through the ceilings, even if the ceilings are "visible", and they are, all of them.

4. okay. here you are right, my mistake - i just overseen this in the plan menu. somtimes the solution is so close blushing