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Posted by macfrog at Nov 15, 2010, 8:26:45 PM
confused   Re: my wishes :-)
No, it's like that:
i want those ceilings to be activated, but invisible. that means i don't want to see ceilings from aerial view, but the incoming sunlight should be blocked. i want to look from top into the rooms, and the light situation should appear as there were ceilings.

i certainly understand the logical consequences of wanting to have transparent ceilings and the resulting effects in reality, but we are bending virtual light here, it shouldn't be a general problem to allow view and blocking light at the same time, don't you think so?
and yes, i am familar with raytracing, shading, 3d in general and so on.

about the furniture/ceiling switch thing:
i know how to select and make it visible, i just don't like it very much to unlock the plan to change an option that only affects rendering.
so let's say i make one photo (maybe 24 with batch later...) and then, or in the middle of the script i want to change one or two options (in this case "hide moveable furniture") and proceed rendering.
you see what i mean?
to group all my furniture would at least require some kindof treeview, to letting me hierarchically change their visibility status.

as i told before, my plan is locked, to avoid clicking and dragging walls or floors while moving cabinets.
so, to "quickly" make ceilings (in)visible, i have to unlock, what i want to avoid.