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Posted by rkv104 at Jan 22, 2014 8:09:07 AM
adding skirting around rooms
is it possible to add a feature to add 'skirting' around room (as shown in images below'. we can develop code using room points as references and using shelf maple with thickness of 2 inches and height of 5 inches as skirt for each side of room (except at door points) for example.....

puyrabret...if you can give me sample code references for accessing room
points (room selected by user) and how to add furniture (shelf maple) using code to house..then i can try to develop a plugin for same....


Posted by rkv104 at Jan 23, 2014 5:23:14 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
dear puybaret, hansmex, okh,

please reply with your comments on this feature....

puybaret can you write me a sample code ( i tried coding but failed to create a rectangular boxes next to wall inside the room using room points, skipping the room points intersecting with door..) ... to create skirt around room using shelf maple ...

(the approach i used is that first i add a shelf maple box with name 'skirt' in my home and then i access room points of selected room and create copy of this shelf maple box with x'y coordinates same as room points and box width = difference between 2 room points ... i am finding hard excluding the room points that intersect with door and also the length of box created is larger ...)

the below mentioned zip .rar file (winrar) contains the jar file containing source code..

puybaret or anybody else.... can you change the code to work...the zip also contains the test home file...and plugin file.

the file containing code is ""

whatever the case please do reply


Posted by okh at Jan 23, 2014 8:33:27 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
Hi rkv104, very nice skirting board. Beyond that, I am certainly not in a position to comment on the coding or priorities.

I know other 3D software (FloorPlan) used to offer different options for walls (skirting boards etc), as well as multiple variables for doors, windows, stairs etc. While these features were nice enough, they complicated the software and made it much harder to make consistent designs. My preference would still be the simplicity of SH3D combined with customised models - but then, that is just a personal sentiment and I am sure others would find such a function (plugin) very useful.


Posted by rkv104 at Jan 23, 2014 8:45:41 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
thanks a lot okh for replying so fast ... u r the best :))

I totally agree with you on maintaining 'simplicity' of software.

as someone said 'If Solution is not SIMPLE it is a PROBLEM'...

i just saw skirt in some sample home designs and thought it would be nice to add feature to my existing home models.

i certainly agree that it should be added as plugin and not part of core software.....just that i am struggling to code it as plugin myself..hope when somebody has time he will help me or code the plugin for me..:))

thanks a million anyways...

your thoughts on simplicity indicates your maturity....

Posted by okh at Jan 23, 2014 9:38:48 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
..indicates your maturity....
smile Alas, us mature people have seen some brilliant projects drown in its own code. Often user driven. One of the reason I am impressed with SH3D is just because of its balance between function and simplicity.


Posted by rkv104 at Jan 23, 2014 9:44:20 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
How True.. You just caught my thoughts....kudos to puybaret...for being so balanced...oh..i mean mature :))

Posted by Puybaret at Jan 23, 2014 4:23:06 PM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
rkv104, I had a quick look at your code.
I think you wrongly place skirts, because HomePieceOfFurniture objects coordinates should indicate the center of the object, not one of its corners.
By the way, may I recall you that the length between two points can be easily computed with Point2D distance method and the angle of a line with Math atan2 method? That would make your plugin much more useful!
If you want to take into account doors placed in walls, you should inspire yourself from Wall3D createWallGeometries that computes this data too.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by rkv104 at Jan 24, 2014 6:44:42 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
thanks Puybaret, i will try to finish skirt plugin using points as you suggested.


Posted by condo at Mar 2, 2014 11:32:04 PM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
Small skirts can be simulated by using an appropriate wall texture which is the same height as the room (so it wouldn't tile vertically).
I did that for my project, the effect is stunning, turned out a lot better than expected.

Posted by clanmills at May 29, 2014 11:34:05 PM
applause   Re: adding skirting around rooms
Condo: Man, that's an amazing solution and does not require I line of code. Well done.

One of the amazing qualities of software is that puzzles can be solved in more than 1 way. If you write code, you tend to always solve puzzles by creating more code. This is an ingeneous solution with no code changes at all. Very Good.

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