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Posted by Ceciliabr at Oct 20, 2016 6:14:46 PM
This is cheating...
... but then, "I'm a nasty woman", so I don't mind cheating. cool

This is originally a part of a little demo I did at a writers course I'm attending, but I thought maybe someone might get some inspiration here as well, so here goes:

The Snow Mountain Project.

Snow mountains, rendered with the default renderer:

Okay, so we are suffering from climate change and a lot of pollution is falling down on the glaciers, but even so; that is some dirty snow mountains!
I don't want that. I want the Norwegian fairyland mountains, with the illusion of fresh, clean and transparent mountain air.
Let's try the other renderer, with enhanced external brightness:

Rendered with renderer-1.3.2, using the Enhance external brightness option :

Yes, that's better. At least my snowy mountains now looks more like the real thing.
But I miss the blue sky, and I think the image as a whole lacks dynamics. The shadows are too soft.
The overall feeling is that the image is a bit dull.

Maybe a combination will do the trick?
In the default rendering, it's just the mountains and the reflections in the water I'm not happy with, so I'll just mask them out, like this:

and then replace the mask with the enhanced rendering.

Ah, a lot better.
But still not quite what I want.

The "Enhance external brightness" option in Renderer-1.3.2 will not work with textured sky, but I used a textured blue sky for the default rendering, so in my first rendering the sky is an even blue, making it easy to mask out.
So I will replace the sky and add a photo filter (Warming filter 81) to make it more like summer.

Well... I'm pretty happy with the final result:

(The images are downsized from 2K)


Posted by okh at Oct 20, 2016 6:55:39 PM
Re: This is cheating...
Beautiful renderings, nasty woman, as usual. Meant as the compliment the last 24 hours have taught the world it is. And the story behind the mysterious installation to the left? Looking forward to the full story. ok

Posted by Ceciliabr at Oct 21, 2016 1:39:52 PM
Re: This is cheating...
The mysterious installation on the left is Brakke 24 (Barrack 24).

The name, Brakke 24, in fact holds a reference to "Brakke 12",
where the secret political agreements were negotiated following the
Nazi capitulation and the surrendering of Norway to the allied forces in 1945.

In the story I'm writing on, an underground military installation
from the cold war has been sold to a private company – and the deal
is kept secret. This article from 2012 has been the inspiration.

I have been researching post-war Scandinavia for some years, trying
to write the story behind my paternal grandmothers early death in 1961.
I could not believe she had killed herself, and wanted to prove she didn't.
But to my surprise, all my research only led to a confirmation of the
fact; she had indeed committed suicide.
So I lost the drive to continue the story.
Now I'm using all my post-war research to write another story.

Well, we are at the bar, so I suppose digressive rambling is accepted...


Posted by okh at Oct 21, 2016 2:18:48 PM
Re: This is cheating...
..digressive rambling is accepted...
But, of course, only adds to the images. Post-war history in Europe interestingly still holds many secrets, although stories gradually appear - such as those about stay-behind - even briefly mentioned in official documents. As for military installations, the example you mention is not unique in any way. Suffice to mention the latest, known, controversy of Olavsvern.

But you probably know all this. Hope you keep sharing. Like both topic and illustrations - think this could be good.


Posted by Miker777 at Oct 21, 2016 2:24:15 PM
Re: This is cheating...
Hi ce hi okh
If this is classed as rambling then please continue, thoroghly enjoying it here, in the mean time would it be possible toexplain in a little more detail how the background images wee achieved, i am still learning more each day about sh3d, but the backgrounds allude me.
thx in advance


Posted by Miker777 at Oct 21, 2016 2:24:57 PM
Re: This is cheating...
sad sorry typo Cec

Posted by Ceciliabr at Oct 21, 2016 2:45:05 PM
Re: This is cheating...
@ Miker777

Eh... could you be a bit more specific?
What exactly is it you are referring to as "background images"? Textures?


Posted by okh at Oct 21, 2016 3:14:16 PM
Re: This is cheating...
Hi Miker777, just one little comment from an amateur, you can to a lot with the Gimp (meaning, you can manage without commercial packages). It really is excellent software. If you mask off SH3D background (which would be easier with background transparency), then play around with colour substitution and transparency you can do pretty much anything. Sometimes frustrating, but very addictive. I guess looking up cec' posts and the recent blog post is already a pretty good image tutorial.
..please continue...
cec' renderings are really something special, so yes, please keep posting. ok

Posted by Ceciliabr at Oct 21, 2016 3:47:04 PM
Re: This is cheating...

Thank you for the links.

But you probably know all this.

No. I'm curious to read chapter 5. I haven't read it, or at least, after reading the first few pages, I can't remember reading it, so I will print it out and read it later.

Post-war history in Europe interestingly still holds many secrets

We obviously share some of the same interest in the post-war history.
I have read and placed my bookmarks all aver the 900 pages of
Olav Njølstads impressive biography on Jens Chr. Hauge – but the book
unfortunately does not reveal any of JCH's dark secrets.
He was the biggest of all the big post-war spiders, and he took his
darkest secrets with him to the grave.
A man has to think about his legacy – or construct it.
I think JCH did both.

The sale of Olavsvern has been one of the cases that has inspired me,
and I am also mentioning it in my story, when my heroine (under the
pseudonym Dana Israel) is summoned before the once very secret
Enlarged Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence.

Hope you keep sharing.

Of course, I will keep sharing, as long as anyone find any interest in it. smile


Posted by Miker777 at Oct 21, 2016 4:51:25 PM
Re: This is cheating...
sorry i was not understood, looking at the 5th image you posted, is that achievable within sh3d, i have tried "modifying 3d view"
but i just end up with lots of tiles of a given image. To surround a project with a backdrop and fore ground such as you have created would be excellent, but i have no idea how to go about doing it. I will have a look at the links okh has kindly posted.


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